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Mafia boss arrested after being distracted by Inter-Napoli

Camorra clan leader Roberto Manganiello, considered one of the most dangerous men in Italy, let his guard down whilst watching his side’s must-win clash on Saturday evening. On

Saturday night, Camorra boss Roberto Manganiello, was arrested at his home unexpectedly whilst watching Inter‘s 2-0 victory over his favourite team Napoli. Manganiello is head of the Marino clan, based in the Neapolitan suburb of Scampia, and was considered to be among the most dangerous fugitives in Italy, but thanks to a well-timed sting operation coordinated by local police and the Anti-Mafia directorate of Napoli he is now in protective custody.

Having ordered a pizza to his house on Saturday evening to enjoy while he watched his team in action, Manganiello did not think twice about the young man who came to deliver his dinner to his villa in Orta d’Atella, Caserta. He didn`t know that the young man delivering his dinner was in fact a police officer, who with backup close behind was able to quickly arrest the 34-year-old mafia boss.Manganiello, who was in the company of his girlfriend at the time, did not put up any resistance as he was taken into custody.

“This was a high-level investigation which has ended in a complete success,” announced Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano. “This is an united state which will have no truce with crime. We have hit the head of a Camorra clan.”

“The arrest further demonstrates that the capture of fugitives represents one of the pillars of the fight against organised crime,” added Chief of Police Alessandro Pansa.

Manganiello was wanted for the double murder of Fulvio Montanino and Claudio Salierno, which in 2004 started a bloody clan war in Scampia that claimed the lives of over 70 people, both Camorra clan members and innocent civilians.

To add further insult to injury, Manganiello also had to deal with the knowledge that his side’s defeat at the San Siro on Sunday leaves Napoli’s Scudetto ambitions in tatters, although that isn’t likely to be his primary concern at this time.