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Bartomeu doesn't rule out punishing Alves

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu made reference, during a speech at the 'Tribuna Barcelona, to the appearance of Dani Alves on Instagram dressed up as his girlfriend, wearing a wig, just hours after Barcelona's elimination in the Champions League. Alves made reference to it 'only being a game of football'.

Bartomeu said that "this morning we woke up with this video and there have been various reactions. The first is that is shows the team have got over their elimination in Madrid on Wednesday and are making jokes, laughing and being positive again. Another part, though, is that there are certain socios who have been annoyed [by the video] because they feel affected by this occurrence."

The Barça president indicated that in Spanish football, not just at Barcelona, there is a "need to regulate these types of appearances on social media, but we also have to learn to live together with them. I believe that there will be rules in due course."

Asked about the need to punish Alves, the president didn't rule out taking action, although he made it clear that "we try to make not everything known. Some things happen which are never known about and other things which we don't want to be known, but become known. This is a dressing room matter and if we did [take action], I wouldn't say."